Data not syncing DT3 from MacAir/iMac to iPad DTG

You were very helpful to me last week to get my DT3 data synced between by MacAir and iMac. I’d like to get that also synced to my iPad DEVONthink to Go. There’s a partial sync of data to the iPad, but overall it’s missing about 10% of the files it should have. What do I do? Thanks, Tim

Tim, are you syncing via the cloud, especially iCloud? Many users have reported that the sync can be very slow under those circumstances - and that given enough time sync finished up successfully in the end.

Not using iCloud, but Dropbox. It’s been 5 days since the MacAir/iMac synced, how much longer should I wait re DTG sync? Thanks, Tim

Was anything logged in DEVONthink To Go or in DEVONthink 3 (see Window > Log)?

Nothing logged in either location. Upon further review, I find that of my 2 DT3 databases, one is perfectly synced with my Macs, it’s the other one that’s not. That un-synced one keeps downloading items, but the file count never changes in DTG and it’s been doing this for over a week. What should I do? Thanks, Tim

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

When I use Help>Report Bug it tries to open up Apple Mail, which does not work on my Macs. I use Gmail for that reason. Pls advise email address for Help>Report Bug so I can do that. Thanks, Tim

Apple Mail, which does not work on my Macs

Can you clarify this?

PM me.

If I click on Apple Mail, or it is called to open by another app like DT3, it immediately tries to open every email I’ve ever sent (thousands) even after I’ve deleted those. So it takes forever, locks up my machine, and I have to Force Quit. I’ve been to the Apple Store to see if they had advice but none. I thought I had set up my machine to open directly to Gmail when an app calls for email but it only works some of the time. So if you send me the direct email address for Help>Report Bug I can make a report. Thanks, Tim

You can’t point DEVONthink to a webmail client. They aren’t proper clients for inter-application communication.

In the Finder, press Command-Shift-G and paste: ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3. When you respond to this ticket, please attach the Console.log as well as the Sync.log from the Cloudy folder.
Send it to development at devontechnologies dot com.

Thanks for the specific instructions. I have followed those exactly and just sent the email with attachments. Thanks, Tim

Tim, re Apple Mail, it sounds as if you might have accidentally opened very many multiple emails. When you reopen the app, it is automatically reopening all the windows that were open in the last session.

If that’s all it is, here is a quick fix. Press and hold the Shift key while opening the Mail app. It will open with only the main viewer window.

This trick works for other apps too. For more info see Apple’s support page HT204005 (I can’t include a link here, but you can just google that reference).

Many thanks for this info! I wasn’t aware of it, and it worked for me. Thanks, Tim

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