Database already in use. How do I close it correctly

Most every time I open DEVONthink it tells me that it appears that the inbox database is already in use and to only continue if I’m sure that it is not.

As I’m only testing at this point I continue and there doesn’t seem to be a problem. What am I doing it’s not closing the database correctly? How can I find out why the database is open?

I am only running it on my Mac mini pro plan in the future to connect my iPhone and iPad as well as my MacBook Pro.

Once I get those implemented, and I go into a production env I really won’t be sure what to do when that database open message pops up

Did DEVONthink or the computer crash/freeze? Did you use force quit? These are usually the most common reasons as the global inbox can’t be closed manually.

Maybe once or twice but I get this message almost all the time, even after repairing the DB.

Christian, of course, is your first and best point of call.

In the meantime, might this help?

How did you quit the app and/or close the database the last time?