Database / cloud / archive

Trying to create a database in EXCLUSIVELY for archiving purposes. NO syncing no nothing.

Is this ideally?

No, you cannot do this. It is still a cloud-synced location.

If you want to create the database and fill it up, then use File > Export > Database Archive, you can put the ZIP file in your cloud-synced folders.

What are the implications? just curious

Isnt an external hard drive almost the same as cloud. There is no syncing nor extraction going on just retrieval.

How can an awesome app like DevonThink doesnt have this ability, perhaps it is possible but not implemented, I guess. (I said this because, currently I’m able to see any file from any cloud, if I use my Mac, so it is possible, yes I know DevonThink is an app, so there are apps like transmit)

So it is possible but DevonThink is not there yet, I guess.

Yes Jim, I think it’s more about technically than anything else :wink: is not an external hard drive. It is a cloud service.
If you were putting files in a local Box folder on external drive and not syncing to a Box cloud account, there’d be no utility in using Box at all.

DevonThink doesnt have this ability

Doesn’t have what ability?

And no, we have no plans to support cloud only data.

curious what were the implications thats all :slight_smile:

The simplest answer: database corruption.

thank you :slight_smile: