Database corrupt on iPhone

Hello all,

after the update to the latest versions I can’t use DTTG on my iPhone any more, error message is “Database check failed, repair database”. Just that I can’t find a way to repair it and day after day I get the message “Database repaired, more in log”, but there is no log and the database is not repaired.

What should I do?

Thanks, Michael

In DTTG you can verify and repair a database by long-pressing on the database name in the sidebar and selecting Verify and Repair. The log can be accessed by selecting the :warning: at the top right of the settings window (won’t appear when the are no pertinent entries). A detailed log can be found via the Files app, selecting On my iPhone/iPad > DEVONthink > Console.log (which will open in DTTG when selected).

Thanks for answering. I can’t see any sidebar on my iPhone, so I don’t have access to “Verify and Repair”. is there a workaround?

Simply go to the main DTTG in which you can see the list of your databases and long-press on the database.

See “Help” in DEVONthink ToGO where it explains how to “swipe left” to verify databases and/or locations.

Help not available or swiping not working, as explained?

Actually, searching for that term in the handbook reveals no hits for me - and swiping left only reveals a trash can, so I’m going to stick with long-pressing to reveal the verify & repair option.

Maybe the problem ist that I do only use the global inbox and tags and have no other database?

So long-press on the words Global Inbox in the main screen.

Don’t know about searching (avoid it unless needed), but see something relevant in “Sync → Troubleshooting” section. At least it is there for me. Thought that was the right place to point to.

I’ve done this before posting here, didn’t help unfortunately.

Nothing happens when I long-press Global Inbox…

You should see…

are you doing that on exactly the same screen I posted above? So not from within the database, but on the main screen.

But I don’t see anything, nothing happens at all… I’m on 3.5.1

Yes I do, but nothing happens…

On the iPhone you can check the log when you open the Settings from the database screen, then tap the triangle in the upper right corner.

The log says: database check failed, repair database. Nothing happens whenever I log-press anything.

So when you long-press a database you don’t even get a context menu? But otherwise there UI is responsive?

On trash bin or reading list I get a context menu. On global inbox nothing happens.

In the Sync Settings part of the app, when you left-swipe on Global Inbox and/or the synch location, the left-swipe action does not work?