Database could not be created

I use DT on two machines both with a M1 chip. I created two databases on my desktop but in trying to loa them into my MacBook I get the message “database could not be created” from several local sync bases. Can you help?

Almost certainly, but I actually don’t understand your post. Perhaps you could elaborate? It is unclear to me what you have done on which Mac, and how you have set up sync. Also, where are you trying to create the databases (path)?

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Thanks fror prompt reply. I have sorted out my problem by reverting to an older version of the database but I would be obliged if you could point me to where i can learn about how to sync a second computer for the first time to a new database created on primary database. Basically I tried to idetify the database in the sync site and the message “database could not be created” and no sync occurred. Not sure i am explaining this very well.


Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

Thanks for your constant support & willingness to help. Its why I love devonthink. I think i igured out what happened suddenly (my fault probably) my laptop wa trying to sync to somethings called Appleinternal. and not the documents directory on the laptop. I dont think I have ever usedapple internal as a place to save files…anyway once I got the right directory creating the sync file on the laptop was not a problem.

THanks again.

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That’s what I guessed, which was why I asked for the path. But wait: is your Mac set up to offload the contents of Documents and Desktop to iCloud? If so, your databases are not safe when stored in either of those locations. The DT handbook suggests “We advocate putting [your databases] in a folder in your home directory, like ~/Databases.” If you need to move your databases, simply close every database, close DEVONthink, move the databases, open the databases by selecting open from their respective Finder context menus in their new location. Update any favourites in DT if applicable.

as far as I understand I am not using icloud except to sync the inbox and only the inbox with my iPad. Other than that all my syncs are with external drives or servers that are connected to laptop or desktop. Is there a safer way to sync with IPAD than iCloud?

This is not about using iCloud with DT (or even about syncing DT), it is about a default setting in macOS, using iCloud Drive, and the location of your databases. I included a link in my post to an Apple support document which explains the macOS side of things.

Thanks but no I’m not using Icloud for desktop and document folders.

excellent - in that case you should now be set to go :slight_smile:

Which version do you use?

Version? Of DT? 3.8.4 Why?

Version 3.8.4 fixed a slightly similar problem.