Database error? (and hard to reach support, unfortunately...)

"this is an exact copy of an email sent to on October, 11th, and I also opened two tickets (but never received an confirmation email stating a ticket number or alike). I also created a Support Center account, but cannot login and file another support ticket, because I didn’t get a account confirmation ticket… and no: my spam folder is empty… Anyhow, now back to the primary problem(s) and the first email:

"After installing DT3 the structure of my two databases is looking different from the DT2 look:

[Please inspect merged picture, as new users may only post 1 (!) picture…]

Ax you can! see, the folders are all shown as belonging to the global inbox.

For the 2dn database however, everything looks as it did in the old version:

In addition, the following error/warning message is displayed when starting DT3:

DT2 is not running, of course.

Please advise.



You can disable the unified inbox via Preferences > General > Sidebar.

Did DEVONthink or the computer crash or did you use force quit?

Thanks for your answer. See below…

Ok, I can see the point. But apparently all my folders from the Finanzen database 1. were moved, because 2. the database itself now appears empty except for a few smart folders…

Nope. I just quit the previous version, installed DT3 and opened that…

It’s just a user interface preference, it doesn’t change any databases. Just disable it and it should be like in version 2.

Thanks, that indeed did it…!

Any suggestions for issue #2?

Does this still happen after quitting and relaunching version 3?


Maybe it’s a permission issue. Is the global inbox empty or does it contain any data? In that case just delete ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/Inbox.dtBase2 and launch DEVONthink 3 again, this will create a new global inbox.

Unfortunately far from… I have misused it over quite some time and have not been able to clean it up, yet…
Thanks a lot so far!

Does rebooting the computer fix this? Otherwise please check the permissions of ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/Inbox.dtBase2 in the Finder and ensure that you have read/write access.

I just checked and your last ticket in our helpdesk is from 2018. When you don’t receive an email confirmation for the ticket it’s not created. Did you receive, maybe, an error message instead or a bounce?

Dear Eric, none of it… Unfortunately, I also didn’t receive a ticket number, so I went over the whole process of entering the information twice. Then, I created an account for the support system, but I also never received the confimation email - so I couldn’t confirm. Redoing that step wasn’t possible, because my email is already registered (but not confirmed, of course)… Rather cumbersome…

Anyhow, with the help of cgruenenber (thanks a lot), I understood the problem with the database layout… But the error message

still appears… Any advice?


ps: I do have read/write access…

Press Fortfahren and do a Datei > Verifizieren & Reparieren on the database when it opens.

Email delivery that passes all spam countermeasures is a big problem today. We have configured all our services to use the same email server which also has all the certificates and metadata that should ensure delivery. However, there are even more firewalls in place that can catch or even alter messages in transit. Example: We once had a customer who couldn’t purchase because his email service filtered our shop links as spam attempts because they contained the word “buy”.

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