Database folders do not appear in views


I do enjoy Devonthink. However I am stymied about one problem. This happened after I rearranged my databases. I have 5 databases. Normally when I highlight a database in the navigation sidebar, the sub-folders appear in the various views to the right. This is true for all databases except for one. Its folders and documents do not appear in any views but the column view.

How do I correct this? I’m thinking of creating a new database and moving its folders and documents into it. There might be a simpler solution.


Is a verification of the database successful (see File > Verify & Repair Database)? Screenshots of icon/list/columns view of this database including the sidebar would be great. Thanks.

Thank you for your reply. For whatever reason when I launched DTP this morning, the problem no longer existed. Yesterday I did the verify and repair a couple time as well as quit and relaunch the program a couple times. Still the odd problem until this morning. Thanks again.