Database Groups in Favorites feature suggestion

One feature that might be nice in DTP is to have the ability to collect a number of databases together into one group and then have this group appear in the Favorites section of the interface. Then just one click could open up as many databases are in the group. This might be nice if you have some databases you use just for work, just for home, just for research, etc. This would allow one to open up multiple databases with one click rather than going through and opening them all up one at a time under Favorites.

Thanks for considering.


This feature is available now by creating a Workspace while the databases you want grouped are open. See menubar Go > Workspace > Add. One click on the workspace name, or use the shortcut key for that workspace, and that group of databases is opened all at one time, windows and views restored, etc.

Ah! Thanks. I should have looked more closely at this. Have not used the workspace feature yet, but will dive into it now.

Thank you!