Database names aren’t visible when ios 13 is in dark mode

The title says it all. I just downloaded this morning’s update which promised fixes for ios 13 share sheet issues but this is still broken. The currently targeted database is visible and the scroll wheel works so it is possible to change the selection - but the list of names is in white text on a white background.


This is correct - and also discussed elsewhere on the forums.
DEVONthink To Go doesn’t support dark mode at this time. It will be coming in the future.

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I don’t really need dark mode support - but it seems that the font for this one item IS using dark mode settings (i.e. white font anticipating a black background) whereas all the rest of the UI is not.

Did you set iOS to light mode?

Yes, I know that’s an easy workaround - but it’s disruptive to work flow when part of the appeal of DT is ease of capture. The share sheet is great but having to remember to switch settings in the device every time I capture something, or worse, initiate a capture then cancel and switch settings, just adds back the cognitive load that DT is supposed to be relieving.

The point is that DTTG doesn’t support dark mode yet. So, if you use dark mode (like I do at night) you have to work around it until it is offered as a feature. Correct, it’s odd that some particular element has anticipated that you are in dark mode, but I image that is an iOS framework that needs to be worked around too. It will be nice when DTTG is fully integrated with iOS 13, but things take time I suppose.

I am hoping for multiple window support myself. So that I might have an images group and document group open at one time. :crossed_fingers:

EDIT: Alternatively you can add a shortcut to your control panel that switches dark/light modes with one swipe down and one tap. Then switch back.


We are working some an interim workaround. Thanks for your patience and understanding.