Database not on the device?

Hi Everyone,

Run into weird situation. I have global database (INBOX) and separate personal DB for private matters. All synced across MacBook and iphone via WebDAV on my server. Sync works perfectly well for many years already.

Lately I noticed the ircon for the personal DB is a bit darker than global DB. Same applies to all documents inside personal DB. Whenever i open document from global DB it is opened instantly (I assume it is stored on local device), while every document on personal DB shows thumbnail and suggestion to download.

I think it was like that before - I would like to make personal DB to be available on device. Sometimes connection is poor so getting documents is not easy.

I checked all settings, everything seems to be set correct and same for both DBs.

Could someone push me in right direction here?

Thank you in advance

Did you check the setting to download documents either automatically or manually? There’s such a setting for sync locations, for databases and for groups and one of them seems to be set to manually.

Brilliant, thank you.

For some reason the DB settings were set to manual. After change everything works as expected.