Database not responding to "move to..."?

Hey folks! Disclaimer: I’ve tried a few things to troubleshoot this myself, but I figured I’d post here before doing anything radical as maybe I’m just missing something silly.

I’m trying to set up a reference database and move all of my saved articles/bookmarks/etc. into it, keeping my other database for working files only.

Unfortunately, nothing seems to happen when I move files into the new database. I’ve tried from both the global inbox and from my other open database. I can create new files in the reference database, and I’ve saved some things in it before – but drag-and-drop and move to dialogs aren’t doing anything.

Tips/advice? Thanks in advance.

Is anything logged to Windows > Log? What kind of files do you try to move?

I’ll check the log when I get back to the desktop. I did succeed in moving a few RTF files before stepping away, so it seems to be bookmark and web archive files that are struggling.

The log helped. Thanks!

Turns out the files had copied already, or something – UUID was already in the other database. A bit of immediate feedback to that effect would have been nice, but now I know the log exists. All clear.

Yes I have found this to be a problem as well and I find it strange that some items when you move them from the global inbox to another database or group disappear from the Inbox and some do not. It seems to be a random thing and I can not make out what is different from the ones that stay and the ones that do not. The trouble is that when they still appear in the Inbox I find it hard to completely trust that they have been moved snd can go ahead and delete them from the Inbox; this is time-consuming as I then have to go to the destination Group and check, time-consuming and frustrating!

Why should this happen and Is there a work around?


What menus or keyboard / dragging methods do you use to move items? What do you use to copy items?

The most likely causes are you moved the wrong thing (e.g., you moved the neighbor). Or you moved by dragging to another destination and dropped the item into the wrong group.

I’ve never had DEVONthink fail to move a document. I’ve often made my own mistakes in attempting to do so.

Hi Korm & thanks for your imput. I do not know about the OP but all I do is to select the item I want to move and then right click>Move to>desired Group. I do not know whether there are any particular circumstances that it happens, I have not kept a note, but last time it was moving an email from the Global Inbox to a Group. The item does appear in the desired place but it is still listed in the Global Inbox. As I said it is then a matter of me deleting the listing in the Global Inbox but I find it hard to trust that it has indeed been moved without checking!

In case it helps, I suffered the same symptoms, Andrew. In my case somehow the items had already been in the destination database and so I was making a redundant move. It looked at first like the items “moved” (as I could find them in the destination inbox) but in reality the system was ignoring my action because my action was silly.

You can check if this is true for you, too, by looking at the log. If you try a move and yet the item remains in the source database, the log will say “UUID already in database” (or similar).

That sounds reasonable to me, will try it next time. Thanks