Database not syncing - mac

Hi, I moved my sync to cloud kit and all was well. Today I’m looking at my (single) database in preferences (having noticed some changes were not reflected in DTTG) and it says last synced April 10. Clicking on synchronise does not seem to kick off the process. I’ve tried enabling sync on activation / deactivation and quitting / restarting, but no joy. When I start it does a check for updates so it does seem to recognising the internet connection. Any suggestions, please?

If on local network, does Bonjour sync work for you (eliminates dependancy on Apple’s CloudKit) as a first step in debugging? And the side benefit you might find it’s pretty quick and reliable. You can run both in parallel. Also be sure to upgrade via Apple’s App Store to the latest version of DEVONthink ToGo.

Thank you. I’m on the latest DTTG.

I’m not really sure how Bonjour sync works, is it complex or time consuming to get going? I’m in full on focus mode for forthcoming exams so don’t have a lot of time for tech right now.

So I’ve checked with Windows / Log and it says my database has failed verification and to repair it. I clicked on repair and it found empty files and missing files. I tried to sync again and got the same message about failed verification and to repair it.

Edit, sorry, read more closely and it said that repair failed because there are 16 errors left. So I guess I need to find out how to deal with that. if anyone knows how to do this without me digging around, I’d be really grateful.

Re the newest version of DEVONthink ToGo, great. 3.0.6 just went up in the last few days.

In “Help” on DEVONthink ToGO, see section on “Setting up Bonjour”. Very easy. Won’t get in the way of studying. Also in Help on Mac, and in the Handbook for DEVONthink Pro. On Help on Mac, search words “bonjour” and will give you a link to a page on this forum with instructions by @bluefrog.

Re repairing, on the Mac, just have to push through it. See Page 181 of the DEVONthink Manual, or in Help searching for “repair” to see the same content as in Manual there in Help.

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Finally got it sorted, when I had chance to look at it. There were missing files and empty files in an indexed folder that I sorted out manually. I’ve only recently started using indexed folders so it was a bit of a new one for me.

And then after syncing that there were suddenly two more empty (non indexed) files that made it fail its verification again. How do files just suddenly become empty after months of syncing them, and minutes after a successful sync? Is there anything I need to check to make sure I’ve got everything stored correctly?

Read the section in Help (and in the DEVONthink Handbook) about indexing files. Not complicated, but you have to be cognisant of certain things which may be leading to the problems you see. Article called “Importing and Indexing” in Help and page 50 of the DEVONthink Handbook.

Thanks, but it’s not the indexed ones I’m questioning. The files that stated they were empty immediately following a successful sync were added into the database (in a non-indexed folder) months ago and have gone through numerous syncs since. And indeed haven’t been opened, Hence my question as to anything else I should be looking at.

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The maintenance algorithm changed in DEVONthink 3.6.3.
We are further refining the processes for the next release.

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Ah, okay, that makes sense. Thank you.

No problem. :slight_smile: