database on external media

I’m new to DEVONthink Pro and wondering if there any issues to look out for in maintaining a database on a portable hard drive but using DEVONthink Pro on a work machine and home machine to access the database? I’m assuming all documents need to reside on the portable drive but are there any other things to look out for? If the files are already on the portable drive, it would also be best to simply use indexing approach I would assume.


Running your database on a portable drive will work just fine. Disk access may be a tad slower, but not a real problem. I do this often.

Be sure to back up the contents of the portable drive periodically, however, as it could be lost, dropped or stolen.

Indexing or importing modes for data capture will both work in that environment. Your choice.

Storing all the files externally linked files on the portable drive will indeed work in your “two computer” environment.

Thanks very much for the suggestions.