Database Repair Failed: any way to identify the faulty files?

I wanted to backup my database → Database if damaged → Verify and repair → Repair failed.

Before rebuilding my database, I was wondering if there were some way to identify the culprit files. My point is that they are probably 2 very minor files that I could simply delete or reconstitute from scratch.

thank you very much

Help > Documentation > Troubleshooting > Repairing a defective database > Missing Files

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Solved the problem. Thanks again !

No problem.

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I have a peripheral question if it is not asking too much.

I often find myself in a situation similar to the current one. I have a problem, in this case repairing a database.

The answer ends up being a composite of 3 files

  • a capture (HTML or webarchive) of your answer
  • excerpts from the section of the user manual you pointed out to me, let say for discussion sake in PDF format
  • my notes of what exactly I did to solve the problem (RTFD)

(I could use other formats in this case, but in many other non computing cases, I could not)

So I basically end up with 3 files in different formats. Data → convert format → merge is not a solution because too much info (visual or content) is lost in the conversion process.

The issue is how to bundle those 3 files in different formats into one “entity” (ideally a file). There is no way I am going to create a group each time. I will end up with thousands of groups. Same for tags: I would end up with many thousands of tags.

Could you suggest an approach to this problem ?

thanks again !

There is no singular format for this.

  • You could attach a PDF to the RTFD file.

  • You can also attach the HTML though the formatting would likely change.
    Converting it to PDF before attaching is possible.

Do bear in mind, RTFD is not editable in DEVONthink To Go.

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Great. I will read about how to attach a PDF to a RTFD, hoping that the whole PDF is scrollable, as opposed to only one page being displayed.
If I understand correctly, by saving a web page as PDF, I forfeit the ability to refresh. In this case, had I saved as PDF before my follow question, I would have to save again (vs refresh).
thanks very much for your time and expertise

The PDF will be scrollable…

However, this is also not ideal for long PDFs.

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great. I just figured out how to do it. thanks !!