Database Reversal?

Hi New to DTP and ive been setting things up but cant seem to find the answer to my question…

My issue is on set up i opted for the files to be “imported” thus leaving the originals in their original places but i now realise that as the files can be edited from within DTP i should have opted to “link” to the files so that changes would reflect in the original files as the folder/files reside in dropbox for collaboration purposes.

I have spent some time sorting, grouping, tagging etc etc

So my $64m question is how, without starting all over again or loosing pre entered data can i revert to the option of linking to those files so that they are accessible in drop box for all users?

I have noticed that i can drop the DTP database in dropbox but the files are not “logically” sorted when accessed from outside of DTP

your suggestions please

many thanks in advance


Don’t ever put your database into Dropbox … it is ok to index Dropbox folders or files, but that’s a different thing

The process of changing imported data to an indexed structure has been covered in the forum at some depth. I think you could find threads from Greg Jones and others on this. If searching the forum doesn’t turn up threads that help you …