Database sizes

I am puzzled by the disparity between (1) the size of a database as reported by Finder, (2) the size of that database on the Mac as reported by Database Properties, and (3) the size of that same database on the iPad when shallow-synced.

As an example, for one particular database: Finder reports 644 MB, DT Mac reports 391 MB in database properties, and DTTG2 reports exactly the same as the Mac, 391 MB even though it is only shallow synced. Other databases show similar disparities. Rebuilding the database on the Mac makes no difference.

I understand that the database properties in DT Mac includes indexed files whereas Finder doesn’t, but that doesn’t explain why the size is smaller than reported by Finder. Also why does DTTG2 report the size as being the same as on the Mac even though it is shallow synced? It does seem to taking up that full amount of space judging by the totals reported in Setting/Manage Storage.

I am using the latest versions of DTPO and DTTG2 on the latest OS and iOs.

On OSX, Database properties do not include the size of Backups inside the database package. I have a 6 GB database (according to database properties) which is 8 GB on disk, because it includes 2 GB of backups. The metadata files and Files.noindex inside the package equal the size shown by database properties. So the accounting seems to balance correctly.

Ah, yes, thanks Korm. That explains the Finder-DTPO discrepancy. It just leaves the question of why the DTTG2 database is apparently taking up the entire storage allocation for a fully-synced database when it is only shallow synced.

Shallow Syncing doesn’t mean it’s merely little bits of metadata about the files. To allow full text searching, the index of words is part of the Synced metadata.

Thanks Jim, I understand, but it doesn’t explain why the shallow-synced databases are exactly the same sizes as those reported in database properties on the Mac, to four significant figures. There are many large pdfs in the database, which ought to make a difference in the two sizes that are reported. My shallow-synced databases are taking up nearly 2 GB of space on the iPad.