Database sort order

Is it possible to somehow sort the order of open databases? I like ‘Inbox’ to be at the top - but since adding databases with names starting with letters < I, the ordering seems to be automatically alphabetised.



I have a similar Problem, databases in the sidebar getting automatically alphabetised, but I need them in my own order (by importance). Paul, did you find a solution how to prevent auto-ordering?

Database sort order in the sidebar is alphabetical. You could rename the database, or perhaps add prefixes to the names (say, the digits 1,2,3 …) so that they sort higher. You have a couple of options for renaming:

First, you have an option to rename the database’s “display name” which is done with File > Database Properties …. You might need to quit and reopen DEVONthink for the change to appear in the sidebar. This change of “display name” does not affect the name of the database in the file system.

Second, if you need to change the name of the database in the filesystem, the procedure is more complex.

Thanks, korm, for this prompt reply! That’s the workaround I was thinking about right now - to prefix them with digits. If there is no “free sorting” option, that’s what I will do.

As for the intricacies of renaming, I found that post yesterday and got sorted it out.

No more questions as to this, thanks for helping out.