Database switching window suggestion

I am constantly switching databases (I have two I’m using) and traipsing to the menu every time to do this is a bit of a drag. I know we’ll get the ability to keep multiple db’s open in DTP 2 but in the meantime it would be great to have a floating palette with a set of buttons, one for each database. Ideally this would allow us to register a database with a particular button and clicking on that button would open that db and close whichever one is currently open.

Actually just decided to do this via the Dock and it works sufficiently well for my purposes.

Great to hear that!

Just from my experience with DT Pro: It is so fast, and you can easily exclude groups from searching or classifying that there is little need to work with many databases at the same time. After all I have put everything together in one large database again, except for certain jobs did I create extra databases.

I put everything that is concerned with data mining – private stuff like interesting news, feuilleton, recipies, and working stuff like academic projects, computer infos etc. into one large database. This is because all my working stuff is related, even if it does not look like that. The private stuff comes in during breaks or when I am playing around instead of working. It does not disturb the clean structure of my working data.

On the other hand, there are some jobs which do not need data mining but creating data – translations going on about a certain topic or in certain languages / projects. I put these into separate databases because I do not need to check relations etc. but only check earlier solutions in order to keep my work consistent.

Just an idea about how to use the several-databases-option of DT Pro. :bulb:


Forgot to say:

There is a nice workspace script delivered with DT Pro. Worth testing!



Thanks for mentioning the Workspaces scripts. I’m looking forward to experiments and comments from users.

You’ve successfully used it? I couldn’t get it working in the last pre-public beta.

I have played around, it seemed to work, but I did not like the folder on the root level and was satisfied anyway… so I deleted the workspace folder after a short while. To be honest, I am not sure about how reliably it works in real life. :blush:

At the moment, it’s difficult to keep track of multiple databases.

Ideally, I would keep a DTP icon on the Dock, click-hold on the icon, and select the database I want to enter. I’d also like to to control-click on any item in the Finder and pass a copy of it to the relevant database. Maybe some day.

The longer I work with DTP, the less I want to keep everything in one database. The searches bring up some interesting connections, but also too many irrelevant hits.