Database won't open

Each time I try to open two of my five databases it crashes devonthink. I’ve gone back to use backups, but the same thing happens. The other three databases work fine. Any ideas? In the meantime, its not clear to me how to easily access my documents?


Please send a message to Support, describing the problem.

Include a recent crash log for your DEVONthink application, which will be found by launching the Console application (Applications > Utilities > under Logs > CrashReporter, and append it to the message.

Are there any messages in the Console log (Console Messages) that were generated when you attempted to open a database which failed? If so, please copy those messages into the message to Support.

Also append your Profile, which contains information about any third-party extensions installed on your computer that may be causing problems.

This information can be useful in diagnosing your problem.

Thanks for your response. I have sent something to support and have been waiting awhile for a response. I will stay patient. In the meantime, do you have advice on the most efficient way to access my docs that are housed within devonthink without using devonthink? I have thousands of them and I find myself sorting through them individually. This experience is making me think I may need to switch back to Eaglefiler.