Databases being synced not appearing under Remote

I have several databases that I’m trying to keep in sync among 3 computers. I’m using to do this with the sync store. For 3 of my databases everything went just as it should and I have identical databases on all my computers. However, for two of my databases, the databases never appear under the remote section. They appear to sync just fine to the sync store but when I go to the other computers to add them, there is nothing available on the remote section to download. I also tried these two databases using dropbox, but again, nothing appears on the remote section. Anybody have any ideas what might cause this kind of thing to happen?

If a copy of the database is open on the receiving machine, it will NOT appear in the Remote section as there’s no need to import it (which is what the Remote section is for).

That wasn’t my problem as the other computers didn’t even have those databases. I have since managed to get all my databases synced among all three of my computers. With a couple of my databases, I could get the database to show up on one computer and then by re-syncing, it would finally show up on the third computer. A little frustrating but at least everything seems to be working ok. :slight_smile: