Databases Lost during App Crash

I am new to DT this week and have spent a lot of time bringing my data onto the platform. I am not sure exactly what occurred, but the macOS application froze this evening-I forced quit to close the app out. When rebooting the app, all the new databases I created are gone. I had previously closed out the app with no issues. You can see in my attachment that the databases are not under the “recent databases.” I am hoping someone can lead me to restore the data or provide insight into how it occurred.

I am also open to paying for consulting/training if anyone is interested.

Probably only that the Mac didn’t save the “Recent Databases” list. My very strong hunch is that the database packages are still there where you put them. Check via Finder at that location. If still can’t find them, search for the file name you used.

Your first place to get assistance at this juncture would be to download and read the “Take Control of DEVONthink” e-book and skim the “DEVONthink Handbook” to know what’s in it for future use. Both available on DEVON Technologies web site.

Thanks for the suggestion. I was able to track them down in the database folder within my Mac user folder. I had to restore each database; the system seemed to think they were still there.

I very much appreciate the help! Hopefully, I can fall asleep now.

Just curious. What did you do to “restore”? From where (Timemachine?)? Weren’t the databases just there as you put them?

Anway, have a good sleep. All well.

Yes, this is on my list. I have the PDF on my desktop. I still would benefit from an hour of training. I am a visually/hand-on learner.

Within the “Home” Mac folder, the DT database file is stored. I opened each database, and a message in DT popped up saying they were already active. I hit continue, and they appeared in the “Open Database” section. I wish I had recorded it. Thanks again.

That’s normal. Since you experienced a “crash”, DEVONthink didn’t clear out the various lock files it puts in place. Just a warning in case the file open legitimately by another DEVONthink process. You did the right thing. (This discussed in the “DEVONthink Handbook”, I think).