Databases not showing in Devonthink To Go

I am a new user of Devonthink and have purchased both the Mac and iOS apps. On the iOS app, it syncs my global inbox but doesn’t show any databases to sync. I have tried syncing through both Dropbox and iCloud.

See Sync with DTG 3 - #3 by smilingtiger

I suspect this might be your issue.

edit. also check if on Mac side you have synced up to the third party cloud service your databases.

best to use only one third party cloud service at a time

try bonjour as usually faster and more reliable than the third party services. requires a local network though. can use alongside a cloud service

Sorry, I don’t see a solution in the link you provided.

There may not be a “solution” to see if infact the screen shot shown there, with recommendations from @BLUEFROG actually apply. Only you can see. But there is a solution there that MIGHT works. Dunno.

I also suggested using other sync methods, and I suggested you check out your Mac’s settings that you’ve actually sent your databases to the sync location.

All these ideas, of course, could be wrong.

My settings appear to be the same as in the linked screenshot.

no, they are not. in the link the user had issue where the screen was garbled. yours is not.

Sorry, I am really confused. I don’t see anything that is garbled—just some text in French.

Have you set your databases to sync on the Mac side in Preferences > Sync > Locations > iCloud, and checked the boxes on your local databases? I know that got me when I was going through setup.

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Ok, got it to work using Bonjour. Thanks to rmschne for suggesting it!