Databese already in use?

I copy my DT Pro database from my Power Mac to my iBook every day so i can use DT at home and at work with the same version of the database. But when I open the Databese on my iBook, it something says something like “Database already in use” (I have a german version). It gives me the options “OK” or “Ignore”…

What does this mean? Can it harm the inegrity of my database?

Your database should be OK.

But ALWAYS make certain that DT Pro is closed before you make the copy.

I have the exact same problem. I do quit DT Pro before copying. Solution?

Go ahead and use the database. It should be OK.

Either button I click, nothing happens. The datafile does not open.

I invoked the Dashboard this morning, with DEVONthink Pro not running. The Note and Search widgets came into view, and both properly informed me that no database was available.

I closed Dashboard, launched DEVONthink Pro, and was greeted by this error.

I chose the Ignore option and don’t believe any harm’s been done.

I thought the bit about the widgets might be significant.

No, the widgets don’t touch the database files. If they informed you that no database is available because DEVONthink Pro wasn’t running, that was entirely correct.

Did you experience a system crash or something similar? Did you open your database with another copy of DEVONthink Pro (from a networked computer)? Those are the most common things that could cause it.

No crash, and the current uptime is 2 days, 23:12 and I have launched and quit DEVONthink Pro at least once each of those days (nearly 3 days), with the same database. I don’t allow file-level access to this computer by other remote computers. However, it was the first time I had opened the Dashboard since that last restart (I rarely use Dashboard). The widgets had previously been configured, prior to the last restart.

I do allow remote backup by a Veritas Netbackup server, and it would have read the file from disk between the last quit of DEVONthink Pro and the time I launched the Dashboard. But, AFAIK, that’s a read-only access and I don’t believe it ‘touches’ the file in any way (but I can confirm that, if requested).

To be clear, I’m not particularly concerned at all. I just thought it might be an interesting data point. If I knew what the trigger mechanism was (timestamp, lock, semaphore, hash, checksum, etc.) that caused the alert, I might be better able to correlate with the events in the local environment.

I’m getting this error this morning and clicking either of the buttons does nothing. I close the database and application each day prior to having it backed up at night. Is there a way to open the database and ignoring whatever lockfile it’s looking for? I urgently need to get into my db this morning. ARG!

Ah, the drive that the backup was copying to ran out of space, hence why the db was locked.