Date Integration

Dear All,

I am just starting up with my DTPO experience. I have been an evernote-user but switch now over to DT.

I was wondering about one thing:

Is there any way to add a reminder-date to any documents? I have some contracts in my database and I usually had a date set, that reminded me, when this contract run off. I’d like to accomplish this in DT as well. Is there any chance to do this and how? Or maybe even via OmniFocus, which I use for my daily work.

Best and thanks,

Currently only via scripts (see menu Scripts > Reminder) but a future release will support this on its own.

There’s also a script for OmniFocus.

Scripts>Reminders to Calender: I am really missing the possibility to choose an exact date, only to choose between one day, one week and so on is not really helpful. Are there any improvements on the way?

Not at the moment but we’ll consider this for a future revision of the script. Feel free to extend it yourself, too. The script is editable.

Heya. Any news regarding a better script for Omnifocus? Greetings from Vienna

Better in what way?

Having the possibility to set day, time, tags, project etc. :wink:

The scripts we provide are editable, so this stuff would likely be possible to implement, if you’re so inclined.

thx for clarification

No problem. Perhaps when the dust clears in here, I will look at some possible extensions - if no one else has tackled it. :slight_smile:

that would be perfect!!! thx again from Vienna