Date of creation

I have been using DEVONthink every day since I first sumbled on it a few months ago. As my database grows bigger, and some of the material grows older, I miss a possibility to sort my search results by date of creation (or by date modified). Very often, being in the news business, it is useful for me to see which are the latest references to a certain person, place or concept.

For similar reasons it would be useful to automatically “stamp” new items with date created so I don’t have to use the cumbersome way over “get info” every time I want to know when an item is published or filed away.

Am I the only one who would find these features useful, and if not, is there any chance to get them in future versions of DEVONthink?


I would also find this useful

Thank your for this suggestion, We’ll put it on our (very long) to-do-list!


but if that’s OK with you, I would like to breath some life into this old request of mine - the possibility to sort search results in DT according to date of creation - which for my use (as a journalist) is a widely more interesting search criteria than i.e. the size of the file.

I know that the suggestion is already filed, but after noticing that search results in DA can be sorted according to date, I thought it may be about time that this feature also would reach DT.

Generally I believe it would be useful if the search results window functioned more like the browser window, giving me, inter alia, the possibility to create groups of posts within the result.

This will be added to v1.8 but the next version 1.7.2 will be just a maintenance release.

Thanks! Excellent, I’m looking forward to it.

??? What happened to the possibility to sort search results according to date of creation? It wasn’t added to 1.8.

Also, I am still waiting for a possibility to use "search" as a tool for organising my material, by grouping the whole (or parts, the latest/most relevant or whatever) of the search result.

This is not the originally announced version 1.8 - it’s “only” v1.7.6 with too many changes for a “dot” release. But this doesn’t change release dates, only release numbers (and therefore all statements related to v1.8 are now valid for v1.9).