DB disappeared

I opened a DB and found that everything in the DB had disappeared. I had used it this morning and had updated MS Office in the interim. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff, the usual suspects are a power failure, a forced shutdown, running very low on free hard drive space or copying a database while it’s still open.

First thing: Close DT Pro. In the Finder, make a copy of the database using File > Duplicate. Set the copy aside just in case we need it.

Run Disk Utility.app Permissions Repair (on the off chance that a permission has gone wonky). Were any changes made? Now run Disk Verify. Any error reported? If so, insert your Installation Disc 1 and restart while holding down the C key. When the boot is complete, go to the menu bar, launch Disk Utility and run Disk Repair. Then run it a second time if the error was corrected.

Launch your database. Select File > New Window. Still blank? If so, try Tools > Verify & Repair. If no error reported, run Tools > Restore Backup and select the most recent Backup folder, “Backup”. Any luck? If not, run Restore Backup again but select the next most recent folder, “Backup0”. And so on.

If all efforts fail, in the Finder select the copy of the database file and in the Finder toolbar click on the Actions button and select Create Archive of … Attach the archived file to an email to Support, with a description of what’s gone wrong and what you were doing.