DB group icons are greyed out

:wave: howdy all,

i can’t find the reason why my group icons are greyed out on DTTG:

i have a markdown file, and that icon shows as bright blue. and if i go back to the main screen, all the DBs have bright blue icons, including the DB with greyed out group icons.

What am I missing here?

Tjhanks as always for any help and insight! :pray:

Only an idea, but what is the setting on the database? Download files - always or on demand? Could be the groups haven’t been downloaded yet?

great question! i think they are set not to download automatically, so i went in to one of the groups and downloaded both articles but there was no change; it’s still greyed out.

so maybe that’s not it? :man_shrugging:

Long-press the group and show info. Change Download Files to Always. You can do this on an ad-hoc basis. If you want a full sync, go to the databases screen, long-press the database, and change it there.

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is that why they’re greyed out, because they’re not auto downloaded? when i downloaded the two documents in one of the groups, the icon did not change to bright blue but stayed dim, “greyed out.”

if that’s the reason they’re greyed out—not set to auto download, even when all documents are downloaded—that’s totally fine; i just want to know why and understand.

i don’t think for most groups i’ll need them auto downloaded, but i’m super glad to know that i can set that!

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Exactly. The dimmed icon of a group means: Not downloading contents automatically, a dimmed icon of a document means Not downloaded.

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even when the contents are downloaded :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

THANK YOU, ALL :pray::pray::pray:

still one of the best communities! :heart:


Yes, for groups its about their download setting, not about whether all their contents are actually downloaded or not :wink:

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thank you again, all :pray:

i’m not sure, but…i might make it a suggestion that rather than greying out the icon, perhaps a change to the icon—maybe a down arrow?—incorporated into the icon might make for a better ux? i say that because greyed out often means unavailable in macOS (and windows too?).

just a thought. hope the rest of the week goes well!