DDTG crashes after last update on iPad 8. generation & OS 17.4.1

update (version 3.8.2 ?) ran on Friday on an iPhone without problems. Same on the iPad.
But after the start screen the DTTG crashes back to home screen.

In the task manager the start screen was still availible. If touched, it crashes to home screen again after 10-15 sec.
This task never stops and is in the task manager always availible.

Because some code is changed in the “background sync” feature in this update, this is the reason for the problems ?

The iPad has a capacity of 128 GB. 114,03 GB are used. DDTG uses 67,5 GB.
Maybe this update needs more space as availible ?

Any help is appreciated.

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Thanks for the report! This issue should be resolved in the next maintenance release. Thanks for your patience and understanding and sorry for the interruption.

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