DDTG not starting on iPhone after update to 3.6 – only black screen

After the update from 3.5.7 to 3.6 DTTG does not work anymore. Clicking the icon and the screen is black and stays black.
I recall, I saw a system message popping up, complaining that there is not enough space to update something??
My iPhone 13 has 256GB and reports 196,2 of 256GB used. The databases occupy 117GB.
Rebooting the iPhone did not help.
I could erase the app and reinstall it. But it will cost me a few days to sync the databases again thru iCloud.
Currently, I am waiting to update DTTG on my iPad and stick with 3.5.7.

Anybody else facing this problem?
What can I do to recover?

TIA Herb

The update requires a ‘migration’ of the data store that houses all the databases. If there is not enough disk space, this cannot take place and DEVONthink To Go cannot proceed. We check for the available disk space and stop the process if there is not at least twice the free disk space than needed for the actual database (not the sum of all files but only the database itself).

Could you email us the file Console.log that you find in the Files app > On My Device > DEVONthink?

As mentioned in my mail, updating to iOS 16.1.1 made DTTG 3.6 starting up properly again and it succeeded to migrate the databases.
In your mail, you mentioned that a missing WIFI or cellphone coverage could have caused the problem.
Unfortunately, I don’t recall when I startet DTTG after updating it. Chance are rare, that internet coverage could be the case, but i can not exclude it.

Since DTTG 3.6 is working now on my iPhone, I just update the DTTG on my iPad Pro as well.
The iPad is still on iPadOS 15.7.1 and guess what, it happened the same. Starting DTTG 3.6. failed, only black screen. The iPad was all the time on a stable WiFi connection.
After updating to iPadOS 16.1.1 DTTG started properly and migrated the databases successfully :slight_smile:

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