Deactivate Sorter


is there a way to deactivate the Sorter on login and on starting up devonthink?

on login it seems to work when i uncheck ‘Show at login’ in Preferences - Sorter, but it always comes up when i start DT. And since it always comes up on the wrong monitor at the wrong side in a wrong place, that is annoying :wink:

any help is appreciated.


Delete it from your login items list in System Preferences.

tried, still opens when i open DTPro.

Examine Preferences > Sorter. If you have checked the option, ‘Show at login’ the Sorter will be visible again, and you will also have to again remove it from the list of Startup items.

Otherwise, in that preference choose ‘Quit’. Now the Sorter isn’t visible and won’t appear again until you request it in preferences.

Bill, thanks! now that i clicked on Quit it won’t open anymore, even when i manually open DTPro.