Dealing with password-protected pdfs

When I click on a password protected pdf, DT asks for the password, which is reasonable.

But I would love it if there were a way it can remember the password for next time, and better yet if it could OCR and include the text of the pdf in search results.

Are those two things possible?

One possible solution is to remove the password protection - the easiest way to do that is to open the PDF, enter the password and then print the PDF to DT. Instead of protecting individual files, my database is encrypted.

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Having a password remembered or the contents immediately available defeats the purpose of having a protected PDF.

…which is exactly why I advocate removing it and simply storing the file in a protected database.

As Blanc said, the database itself could be protected if security is an issue (it’s not).

What I’m dealing with are a bunch of pdfs with silly passwords like “123456” that should have never been password protected.

You have to be clever and use a super strong password like pASsWorD :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Do they all have the same password?

practically; there are a couple of passwords that recur

I told you my password in confidence, could you please not post it here again? :crazy_face:

@Lear so simply remove the passwords as I suggested?

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I open my PDF in PDF Expert and choose its command to edit the password (I choose a blank one). After that I can open it in DT without entering a password. I suppose other PDF apps can clear the password as well. (This is on my Mac.)


So far this has worked on all documents I tried it on.