Debug "Downloading Items from iCloud" Repeated Message

On just one of my databases, I’m getting a frequent popup that DEVONthink is “Downloading items from iCloud” (10-12 items). Is there any way to see exactly which items DEVONthink is downloading?

The database is fully synced, and this message still periodically shows up, even if I haven’t made any changes to that database for a long time, which leads me to think that something is off with the database.

Edited to add versions: macOS 10.14.2; DTPO 2.11.1; Sync via iCloud

Right-click the sync location, hold the Option key, and choose Verify Location Thoroughly. What does it report in Window > Log?

10:43:45 PM: iCloud Location successfully verified.

Just following up - any other suggestions, or things I can check to see which files seem to be continually updating?

In DEVONthink, hold the Option key and select Help > Report Bug. Thanks