debugging sync - best procedure?


My setup has grown to a Mac mini at home over a Macbook Pro in conjunction with an iphone SE and a couple of iPads.

I’ve been syncing successfully so connection is not the issue.
Today I started to keep an eye on sync and noticed a couple of irregularities, most probably due to my improper use.

In an attempt to iron out these irregularities I was wondering about sync - best procedures?

To try by elimination, I decided to only sync over a box sync store.
Then I added a simple RTF document where I can add date / time stamps from various devices.

This turns out to be harder than expected.

What are your experiences / advice when trying to keep 3 to 5 devices in sync?


Please clarify what you mean by “irregularities”.

Irregularities meaning most probably differences in sync settings.
You think of it as simple, later on it gets more complicated.
Syncing between macs is usually not space constraint, but syncing mac <-> iOS is an entirely different matter.

That’s why I set out to create a single RTF doc, trying to keep it in sync and adding text on various devices.

BTW Is there any way to add a timestamp to a RTF note?
I know there are the keyb shortcuts, but whenever I type a keyb shortcut I get %D %M %Y and not the 'filled int"date?

What keyboard shortcut?

On the Mac, our WordService has a date / timestamp option. You can get it here: … d=download and enable it in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services > Text

On iOS, you’d need a Workflow or a text expansion utility for this.