Decoupling hiding/showing sidebar and inspector

Hi there,

I make extensive use of the following inspectors when importing / reading through new stuff:

  • See also and Classify
  • Generic
  • Custom
    And I access them through the keyboard shortcuts.

Now I really have trouble with the way these shortcuts work: Tap CTRL+S (for example) once, and, depending on the state of the UI:

  • the Sa&C inspector appears, AND the field is focused
  • the sidebar closes

That is, when I want to access certain inspector I have to look if it’s already open. Which is a loss of attention. Also when I want to start classifying and the Sa&C inspector is already open I have to use my mouse to set the focus in the classify field or double tap CTRL+S.

The ideal behaviour for me, is:
Whenever I tap CTRL+S, I am certain that the Sa&C inspector is now open and that I can start typing into the classify field without having to look up and see the state the UI is/was in.

Thx for the great listening you do to feedbacks,

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I am following the issue. The Inspector is integrated into each DEVONthink window, so it’s presence should be easily detected in your peripheral vision_(which was not the case in the 2.x method of floating the Info pan)_.

Are you working on a very large iMac or a ultrawide monitor?

I work on a 17" MBP and often use a 22" second screen. Yet my demand has nothing to do about “eye-distance to inspector”.

My issue is that by having to look at the state of the UI, I am slowed down in my classifying work.

I want to be able to blindly start classifying stuff. That’s what shortcuts are about: taking actions without needing vision.

Classifying information is not the same as using shortcuts.

  • If the Inspectors are closed, the hotkey opens it to the See Also & Classify Inspector.
  • If the Inspectors are open to another inspector, it will switch to the See Also & Classify inspector.

Unless you are also employing other Inspectors or prone to hiding them, it seems you would have a sense of whether the Inspector is open or not.

PS: Personally, I would not suggest blind actions as a general rule except in instances where data is extremely homogenous and uniform. Even then I would be cautious.

I know, I am using a shortcut to start classifying infos.

You are missing a case: If the Inspector is already open on See Also and Classify, then I have no shortcut to set the focus on it.

And yes I use other inspectors so which inspector is active at any time is something I am not particularly aware of.

Thanks for your advices about blind actions. I guess you’re the kind of person to always save documents from the menu … I am not. I believe in using only keyboard whenever possible.