dedicated INBOX folder per DB?


Is there a way to dedicate a ‘specific folder’ to serve as ‘INBOX’ per DB?

Reason is to have saved documents automatically end up in the right database, instead of having to redistribute them.

Another way would maybe be to have some rule to move a document to a specific DB based upon a tag.
Anyone doing something similar already?

Thanks a lot for helping out!


No, only the global inbox supports this. One workaround might be to attach some customized folder actions to folders.

Which direction would you recommend?
Attach folder action to a Finder folder?
Or attach a script to a DTPO folder?
I think both are possible. One issue I think of is how to keep track of these scripts across multiple systems…
In that case it may be better to try to keep things & actions within DTPO as these sync across.

Also which would be the way to have this running automatically in the back ground, without the need to open Finder and ‘enter’ the specific folder?


At the moment I would suggest a folder action in the Finder as DEVONthink Pro’s scripts are only executed after selecting/opening the groups e.g. in 3-pane, split or columns view whereas folder actions are automatically executed after adding files to the folder.