Default Folder for Scanning

Hello Everyone

Totally new to Devonnote Pro, just moving from Evernote after many years !

How do I define a default folder for my Scansnap scanner ?

I normally scan everything then sit down with a coffee and move each document to its correct location, but I cannot see how I define a default ‘scan to’ folder



The ScanSnap scanner is controlled by ScanSnap Manager and set in the Save Tab.

This is the defaultt location: ~/Pictures.

What I meant more was can I set the Scansnap to default scan into a specific Group in Devonnote ?


Sorry, but no - there is not an option for that.

You can set the Scansnap software to scan to a folder in Finder that is INDEXED by DEVONthink, so that DEVONthink will pick up the folder’s contents and you can subsequently sort it out to whatever destination you want in DEVONthink… you can think of it as a sort of “scan inbox” for DEVONthink. Do your scanning, open DEVONthink, navigate to that folder in DEVONthink, select the scanned documents, right click and choose “move into database”, and start your sorting!

If I recall correctly, indexing of documents is not supported in DEVONnote.

Ah, yes, indeed, it was the “Pro” that threw me off.

Correct, but as Scott pointed out - there’s also no DEVONnote Pro. :smiley: