Default fonts

Not the most important thing in the world, but as a new DevonThink user I’m a bit frustrated with pasting in text.

If I paste text into a new, blank, rich text document, it always comes out in 12pt Times Roman. In preferences I’ve chosen a different default font for rich text–larger and sans serif. This happens regardless of the font of the source document. I would expect DevonThink to either copy the source formatting, or use my specified defaults.

Where is this 12pt Times Roman coming from?

In which application did you copy the text? Did you try Edit > Paste With Current Style?

Interesting, this happens when pasting from Firefox, but not when pasting from Safari or TextEdit.

When I copy text from Firefox to TextEdit, everything is also converted to Times.

Sorry, this seems to be a Firefox issue. :frowning:

Is it possible for me to add “Paste with Current Style” to the right click menu? Do I have the ability to control what is in that menu?


  • Jesse

Short answer: no.