Default Markdown Stylesheet within DT?

In DT3 I can set a default markdown stylesheet using Preferences > Files > Markdown > Style Sheet.

However, that chooses a default file stored outside of any DT database, which of course is great when you want to share the file across databases, but not so good when the database “travels” (e.g. via sync). It would be really nice if I could set a per-database default style sheet that was contained within the database (then it would not get “detached” from the database over time or as a result of moving stuff around in the file system). Of course, this would be per-database rather than global for all databases, but it would certainly help my workflow (since I use one style sheet per database anyway).

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You can also use remote URLs or item links which do not depend on name or location of the stylesheet in the databases.

Drop your stylesheet into the preferred location in your database, then copy the location by using edit > copy item link, then paste that into your stylesheet preferences (preferences > files > markdown)

Thanks for the suggestions everyone!! A couple of things…

– Would be good to document this somewhere, as the “Select” button just show the usual Mac file closer dialog (which suggests you need a local file path).

– This is still a global setting which is ok but means you are potentially making databases dependent on each other. It would be nice to have this per-database, so things stay self-contained.

  1. Add your stylesheet to your database.
  2. Copy the item link.
  3. Create a new Markdown document.
  4. Add a link to the stylesheet.
  5. Select File > Export > as Template and name the file with a power-database name.
  6. Repeat as needed for other databases.

Now you have a template you can choose for a given database.