Default RSS reader?

I updated DEVONagent via the Mac App Store just now, and it’s no longer the default app for RSS (switched to another one that I don’t use).

How do I change it back?


Which version of Mac OS X do you use? On older versions you could select the default RSS reader via the preferences of Apple Mail as DEVONagent Pro doesn’t include such an option yet.

I’m using Mavericks (10.9) at the moment.

Unfortunately RSS support has been removed from both Mail and Safari.

What about uninstalling the unused other app? This might fix the issue too.

This issue only cropped up when I updated DEVONagent in the Mac App Store in the recent update.

I’ve uninstalled all the other RSS readers, but now RSS feeds open in DEVONthink. And it wouldn’t be ideal to uninstall DEVONthink and sort everything out just for this. :frowning:

There is a preference panel “RCDefaultApp” from Carl Lindberg (Rubicode) that can control setting the default RSS application. It is a “hack”, though I’ve used this panel for years – including on Mavericks – with no problem at all.

Not exactly comfortable with installing an external prefpane.

Surely the feature to make the app default should be included?

I bought an app that had the option to change the default RSS reader, changed it to DEVONagent and promptly uninstalled it.

Problem solved.

I would be interested to earn what the App is.

Sorry forgot to mention that.

DaySpring. Strange how some of the contemporary RSS apps like Reeder, Newsrack, NetNewsWire didn’t have this feature, of setting the default RSS app.

I’m sure the prefpane option works but I saw that it was quicker to do so with this.


RCDefaultApp also allows you to quickly change this (or other extension mappings) if need be.