Default Search sets ( Fast Scan )


I discovered that on doing a search with only “youTube” results? That fast scan site sets where gone?

Maybe I did this some how. Deep Scan is also empty…

Should I just re install a fresh copy as the most expedient to restore the default sets.

Just getting started here.


Suggestion: request the download link for the beta of DEVONagent 2.5, from cgrunenberg at

Well a search of DT site, says “2.5 beta”, or “devonagent 2.5 beta” returns no result.

A link perhaps, or am I to search on the name “cgrunenberg” gave me zip. I imagine this tech support/coder?


You want to send an email to Christian requesting the link. Bill posted his email address above, disguised to discourage the spam harvesters. Replace “at” with the @ symbol.

Thank you.

Terence is some what thick at these things.

No, it’s my fault for not having supplied Greg’s useful hint. :slight_smile: