Default Selection Within A Group

I typically use DT in “standard view” (item list at the top and the preview of the selection at the bottom). The standard behavior I experience is that, when I select a group from the list on the left, the contents of the group are displayed as I’ve mentioned, but there is no default selection, so the preview pane displays “No Selection.” I would like to have a default selection for some of my groups such that a specific file is always previewed when I select the group. Why do I want this? I’ve created a document for each of these groups (cleverly named “Default.rtf”) that functions as a description (with images in some cases) of the contents of the group. It would be “smurfy” if this document were automatically selected (previewed) for me each time I select one of these groups. So, after all that, is there a built-in way of doing this within Devonthink, or would I need to write a script to do this? I’m sure it’s possible because experience has told me I can do anything (mostly) in DT.

There’s no built-in way but this triggered script.

In the script replace „Table of Contents“ with „ Default“.

Search triggered script in DEVONthink‘s help to see how to install it.

Works like a champ! Thanks Pete.

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Oh, one additional question if I may, is there a way to “batch” set the script for a selection of folders, or do I have to manually set each with the “getinfo” dialog?

Unless there is a need to routinely and repeatedly do this, I’d suggest you just set them individually.

No, not routinely or repeatedly, I just have about 150 groups I’d like to do this to and I’m lazy.

tell application id "DNtp" to set attached script of (selected records whose (type is group)) to "Users/tritonx/Library/Application Scripts/com.devon-technologies.think3/Menu/Triggered/beep3.scpt"

Obviously dragging and dropping your own triggered script or copying and pasting it’s path.

Awesome! I thank you, and my mouse thanks you. He lives to click another day.

You’re welcome.