Default window size/location

Is there any way to control the default size and location of a new document window? Every time I open one it’s smaller than I want it to be.

Where and how are you opening the new window? I mean, what command are you using?

Edit: And what do you have checked under the View > Preview menu?


What’s the kind of the record? PDF?

Yes, PDF, which I’m opening in a separate window as opposed to within the main multi-pane view. The window is always small and I wish I could get it to default to (e.g.) the full left-hand half of the screen.

Opening either by selecting a doc in a list view and choosing “Open”, or via OSA scripting, or via a x-devonthink-item:// URL – all have the same result.

View > Preview is set to Standard.

I have experimented briefly and it seems that if I open a pdf in the manner you describe and then resize and relocate it to the position I want then the next time I open it (at least using the right click Open command) it opens to the same size and position as I set (even after quitting and re-launching DEVONthink).

However, I need to do that for each pdf opened. In other words, the size and location have to be applied to every pdf opened.


Which PDF display options do you use, see Preferences > Files > Multimedia?

I see, thanks. Yes, what I want is a global default for a new window, not a per-doc preference (I have thousands of PDFs …)

A future release might include an option to specify a default zoom. In the meantime one workaround might be a toolbar/menu script that opens the currently selected items in a new document window of the desired size.

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Thanks, that’s a very helpful idea. My AppleScripting is still shockingly basic after 20+ years so any tips as to how to set the window to e.g. the full left-hand side of the screen it’s on would be sincerely appreciated.