Default Word Processor

Is there a way to define a word processor that DevonThink Pro Office will use to open a text document? My problem is that if I save a Mac Pages document in DTPO and open it by double clicking it opens up a different app, (Bean) and not Pages and the result is unreadable as it does out in code.

Pages document in DTPO:

Opened by double clicking:

Right-click the Pages file in DEVONthink and choose Show in Finder. In the Finder, press Command-i to bring up the Info pane. In the Open with section, select Pages from the dropdown, then press the Change All button. Now Pages is associated with .pages files and should open as expected.

If it still misbehaves, reboot.
If it misbehaves after a reboot, there’s something deeper going wrong.

Thanks, that works great now. :smiley:

Glad to hear it! :smiley: