Definition of "results"


can you please clarify the meaning/definition of results:

DA Plugins:
“Results per Plugin”
Does this mean the max number of pages downloaded from the particular source, i.e. google?
In that case it’s a “double limit”: One limit is coming from the source (i.e. Google does not deliver more then 1.000 hits) and the other is the max. limit by DA set in this section.

I find the term “results” misleading for the above mentioned definition.

Then there is another “result”

DA Actions:
Archive Results & Add Results
This refers to the results after filtering?



I don’t see ambiguity here.

A “result” is a page that has been downloaded as a search result. DEVONagent may filter out and exclude pages from download for a variety of reasons, based on criteria in the search set that’s used. In DEVONagent Pro, click on Window in the menubar and then Search Sets. Examine the settings in each tab of a search set, some of which will filter out pages that otherwise meet the search criteria. Also, after a search, examine the Log tab of a search, which notes exclusions and reasons, e.g., a page excluded from download because it is larger in file size than the maximum set in Preferences, or that is a duplicate, etc.

Each search set has a limit on the number of results that will be downloaded per plugin, per search run, and that limit is set in Search Set > Plugins. The default is 100.

If desired, the results (downloaded pages) of a search run can be added to the Archive. For example, I might create a custom search set for a scheduled search. Suppose for plugin X there are 300 pages currently out on the Web that meet the criteria and filter conditions. It will take three successive runs of the scheduled search set to download and save to Archive all 300, before new pages later added to the Web begin to be captured. (Assuming the limit per plugin per search remains at 100, and that the search set excludes items already captured to the Archive).