Definitive Highlight All Search Instances/Results

Hey! Is there a way to definitively highlight all search results/instances? By definitively I mean not just while seeing the search results and navigating through them, but leaving the highlight in the document; to then proceed to a different search and so on…

Use case: I need to run several documents through different search queries; highlight some relevant terms (search instances/results) and then read the documents from beginning to end; hoping the highlights will help me slow down around potentially important areas of the document.


No, the search hits don’t apply permanent highlights.

You could technically do an in-document search, select the first occurence, press Command-Shift-L to apply a highlight, then down arrow, and press the shortcut again, etc.

Development would have to assess other built-in behaviors.

Not the easy solution, but just to let you know it’s possible. You can script this with AS-ObjC scripting using findString() from PDFkit.
See e.g. Text highlighting via script-function - #5 by andy and Stream annotations from your PDF reading sessions with DEVONthink - #34 by mdbraber

Thank you both!