Deindex a parent folder

I need to “deindex” a parent folder as I am done with the project in DT3. Following “deindex” I will delete the “empty” DT database. How do I do this? I’ve searched through a few index posts but haven’t gotten a clear idea yet and certainly don’t want to delete my data in the parent folder.

Thank you for the advice.

The index is completely inside the DEVONthink database and is only “pointers” to the files residing elsewhere. If I were you, as long as there is nothing left in your database, without bothering to delete the index, simply delete the database.

Sounds like, if you are going to continue to use DEVONthink, it would be good to read the section in the outstanding “DEVONthink Manual” on “Importing and Indexing”. There is also there, addressing your initial concern, a section on “Deleting Indexed Items”.

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Thank you… I’ve read the manual and it is the reason I’m careful. To be clear, if my DT database is indexing a folder and I no longer want the index or the sync to continue, I can simply delete the DT database and the folder remains untouched.

Rather than rely on any advice here, I recommend you do a test and decide for yourself, based on the results of that test.

Create a temporary folder with a lot of junk files. Create a new database. Index that folder (or as many test folders as you wish). Then delete the test database. See what happens.

Good idea… I will do as you suggest. Thank you.

Great. Please report back results.

The other thing you may consider to ameliorate your risk tolerance, copy and/or backup the indexed folders before deleting the database. If the worst happens, you an easily recover.

Yes, this is possible and should have no effect on the indexed items. There are only pointers to the external data.

However, if you are syncing the database to a remote server, e.g., iCloud, and don’t want the option to resurrect it (or want to reclaim space), you should clean the database from the sync location before you delete the database.

Also, you optimally should delete the database via File > Delete Database in DEVONthink.