Plugin, some suggestions?

i want to share some knowledge regarding a Plugin with you.

Running well, you may have some suggestions for optimizing it.

Description: Searching Plugin for the Social Bookmarking Service, browsing the tags, no exclusions( url’s etc.)
Problem: if you run the serach too often in a very short time, you will get an error (999) form, (they expacted that you are a bot), you just have to wait some minutes.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> Description Tag Search //Running it too often in a short time, you will get an error from EncodingUrl UTF-8 EngineUrl Identifier com.devon-technologies.MyDeliciousWeb.plugin Info Delicious plugin 1.0 © 2005 DEVONtechnologies, LLC Name Tag Search OffsetPerPage 1 ResultsPerPage 100 Start 1 Version 1.0

Copy& Past, it should work…
Any suggestions for optimizing the plugin?

green as grass…
What do you mean with copy&paste? where should I copy&paste? :blush:

See DEVONagent Help “Plugin Development”