delay in rendering pdf

The initial view of pdf documents appears on request but with rectangular white-out areas of varying dimensions, after a lag of a few seconds the full image is rendered. I know there are issues with macOS treatment of pdfs, is this just a manifestation of these?

What do you mean by “appears on request”?

FWIW, I am using 10.12.3 and have seen no issues in DTPO 2.9.10 with PDF rendering. If there is a persistent PDF rendering issue for you, you might want to open a ticket with support and include a copy of the mis-behaving PDF(s).

This is happening to my PDFs too. I also see the rectangular white out areas. Alternatively the Initial view is complete but blurry and sometimes it resolves to a clear image in a second or two and sometimes it doesn’t. Clicking the space bar produces a good quick view. Clicking it again will often result in a clearly-rendered PDF image. The problem crops up when I’m scrolling through a list of ten or twenty PDF documents in quick succession.

Like you, I immediately suspected PDFKit.

This also happens to me, and it is quite annoying.

same here … shame on the developers at apple … macos 10.12 is the windows 95 of today …

Same here.

I’m having this same problem. Any ideas on how to fix it?

I’m experiencing the same problem. When quickly clicking through several PDF files, I often see only a blank page. Sometimes the content loads after several seconds but sometimes it doesn’t load at all. Switching to the preceding PDF and back often fixes the problem but not always.

With Sierra 10.12.5 pdf rendering is now completely destroyed for me; cannot visualize any pdf files from within DTP. A service ticket response suggests this might be fixed in a future update of DTP; but currently, I cannot use my (extensive) DTP pdf file collection without having to open files in a separate application.

Version 2.9.12 will include a workaround. One limited workaround in the meantime might be to use the QuickLook panel.

yes, i’m already using the quick look workaround all the time … eagerly awaitng dtpo 2.9.12 though …

2.9.12 will be probably available later this week.

Yes, thank you, problem fixed, for me, in 2.9.12 (and QL did provide an intermediate solution). Thank you for your ongoing work refining DT.

now scrolling through scanned pdfs (from scansnap ix500) is very stuttering …

You can disable the latest workarounds by clicking on this link:


However, afterwards you might experience all kinds of display glitches of Sierra’s PDFkit again (e.g. blurry/white pages, delayed rendering or flickering)

thanks for the tip … it seems that for now both methods have their drawbacks … in this case i prefer smoother scrolling with sierras rendering engine