Delete a page from a PDF document

Hi need to edit some PDFs. I need to write over (and I can do it easily) and delete some pages that are not important. How can I delete a page from a PDF?

Right-click the thumbnail and choose Delete Selected Page.

On iOS?

Deleted; OP does not want an alternate method.

Thanks for your reply. I think that deleting a page is something that should be done inside Devonthing To Go, instead of using another app. Regards.

Maybe. Was just pointing out that if you cannot do what you want to do, it’s at least possible to do what you need to do.

Does this mean I cannot delete a page?
I have been trying and failing.
Which means it looks like I need to dump money on PDF expert.

You cannot delate a page from a PDF with version 2.1.2 of DEVONthink to Go.

Thank you.
All I can find as the tool to help, for certain, is PDF expert.
Any other suggestions please before I dump a tenner on it?

PDF Expert is highly regarded. If you work with a lot of PDF files, you shouldn’t be disappointed with that app.

Absolutely, I use PDF Expert like crazy. Several hours a day.

Keep in mind that Documents, also by Readdle, is free and can delete PDF pages.

Thank you.
I do have documents, however couldn’t get it to delete a page.
Even went as far as reading the whole manual to find out, but could t see how to.

When viewing a PDF in Documents, click on the Thumbnail View icon (looks like 4 square boxes) and when it switches views, click on Edit. You can now select multiple pages of the document and delete them with the Delete (trashcan) icon.

Gosh, thank you Greg.
Saved me a tenner!

Okay, for the life of me I cannot find the thumbnail view icon, nor find reference to it in the manual.
Any ideas please? Have tried in both orientations, does my iPad being a Mini make a difference please?

Are we sure we are talking about the same app? That image doesn’t look like anything out of the iOS by Readdle. Here is what I see when a PDF is viewed/edited in Documents.

Can only answer by posting this image, as your thought was one of the first I entertained, then dismissed.

OK, found it-never knew this option even existed. Go into Settings>PDF and see if you can change View PDF in from Built-in iOS Viewer to Readdle PDF Expert. If that is not an option, then you will still need to purchase PDF Expert. I have PDF Expert also, and it really is a good app-worth the money.

Have already tried that.
Will try again, and if doesn’t work, I will then purchase, as your time in helping has a cost to you, and I’m sure it would work out to be more than a tenner.
Thanks again,

I’m not affiliated with any of these companies, so don’t buy anything you don’t need just because I helped you. Another (free) option is PDF Viewer, made by the same folks that make the PDF engine in DEVONthink to Go. Give it a look before purchasing PDF Expert.