Delete files from Devonthink

Where do I set that Devonthink should delete files from the database (from the ‘files’ directory in the package) when I choose to delete an item?

Now all the files remain there: I see files there which I deleted months ago, still present in that files directory, but no longer visible in the Devonthink application.


That should not be the case. Generally, the newest versions of DEVONthink delete also the files in the Files folder. Maybe in your case these files are remainders of earlier versions.


Items I had imported only yesterday (and which I removed yesterday too) were still in the files directory.

I exported my entire database and imported it back into a new database. That got rid of 1,5GB of unnecessary data.

After that, a test removing an item turned out succesful.

Is it by design that the ‘delete’ option in the Edit Menu is greyed out?


Very, very strange. Should not happen.

Like all items in the Edit menu it is designed to act only on editable text. To delete a file, use the Delete command in the Data menu.


:blush: I should have figured that one out myself.

I never noticed there was a Delete item in the Edit menu. I suppose because I use the keyboard shortcuts for most of those items.

Many apps use Clear instead of Delete.